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Insurance law

At Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm our Attorneys have significant experience handling complex litigation matters that arise under the insurance coverage available.
Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm cases have involved a wide array of matters, including rendering coverage opinions, handling declaratory judgment and bad faith actions arising out of coverage disputes between insurers and policyholders, as well as handling allocation and subrogation issues between insurers. Our insurance attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of general, business, and tort litigation, insurance coverage issues, and the insurance industry in general.
No matter how simple or how complex the matter may be, Klam & Partners Avocats understands that the result is very important to our client, and we do our best to reach a result that will meet our client’s needs.
Our attorneys have successfully handled virtually every type of coverage issue including interpretation of insuring agreements and exclusions, an insurer’s duty to defend, duty to indemnify, duty to settle, duty to appeal, and duty to post bonds, and the policy holder’s duty to cooperate, duty to supplement disclosures on insurance applications, and duty to notify.
Our attorneys have handled these coverage issues in connection with a variety of insurance policies, including commercial general liability, commercial property, disability, employer’s liability, errors and omissions, homeowners, professional liability, workers’ compensation, umbrella, and excess policies.


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