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Klam & Partners Avocats's clients include many of the world's leading corporations, non-profit organizations and private individuals. Our Lawyers work closely with them to solve the complex legal and business problems posed by today's global market place.

We are able to handle matter on the following fields including:


Aviation Law

In the aftermath of an airplane accident, the families involved and the flying public deserve to know what happened. They deserve answers.

 There is an answer to the question of what caused an airplane disaster. But it takes painstaking research and investigation by an experienced aviation accident Attorneys team to uncover the truth. For these reasons, Klam & Partners Avocats law firm works closely in partnership with world experienced aviation law firms. We have the experience to represent you in asking for fair compensation for injuries or needless deaths. We dedicated to representing you with integrity and professionalism.


Banking & Finance Law

At Klam & Partners Avocats, our banking & financial practice include advising on Legal consequences of proposed investments, corporate finance, project finance, syndicated

Lending, restricting mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions, financial market and regulation in respect of banks and non-bank financial institutions and documentation for various transactions.


Corporate & Commercial law

Our Lawyers have a recognised expertise in the set-up and structuring of companies and groups, from the techniques of drafting of any Deed of Incorporation, Statutes and Shareholders’ Agreement, to the conception of Corporate Governance, the instruction and follow-up of extraordinary operations.

They know how to support companies by proposing practical solutions to issues arising out during the set up of a company, the execution of operational or administrative requirements, any governance related matter, the corporate responsibilities control, and the compulsory liquidation


Criminal Law

This is a branch of Law, which deals with body of rules and statutes that defines conduct prohibited by the state/ government because it threatens and harms public safety and welfare of the community at large.
Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm has well trained Lawyers who have at their finger tips Laws covering what amount to crimes in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the procedures in which has been legally laid down as acceptable and appropriate to produce accused persons before a court of competent jurisdiction.
The attorneys at Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm also have a wide knowledge on the relevant case laws that are to be applied as and when to secure bail for accused persons both pending a trial or an appeal.


Charities, Health and Non-profit Organizations

At Klam & Partners Avocats we understand that Charities, Foundations and Not for Profit entities require a broad range of expertise from their legal advisors. We offer the right blend of expertise, experience and attitude to offer you the legal support team that you need. We welcome the opportunity to act as a sounding board for your plans, supporting you with astute commercial advice in relation to special projects, such as a review of your governance structure and documentation.

As a full-service law firm, we are well equipped to advise charities, charity trustees and individual and corporate clients working with charities or looking to establish a charity within Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Our expertise and experience includes advising on all areas of charity and trust law, drawing on our extensive expertise as a full-service law firm, particularly our experience in employment, finance and tax.

Klam & Partners Avocats provides expert assistance in this area, including interpreting and advising as to the content of Documents governing the operation of Charities, Foundations or entities that are interesting to work in DRC; advising as to the duties and their liabilities; drafting Declarations of Trust in order to update Governing Documentation, to include the amendment of requirements imposed by old Constitutions where appropriate; Appointment of Trustees, and the consequent transfers of land.

Significant Clients : Clinton Health Initiative Access, IFC Macro, IFESH, IBV, etc.


Employment & Labor law

We have a team of lawyers with significant experience in all aspects of labour law, due to the fact that Human Resources’ management represents one of the main costs for private companies today.   These are the main activities of this team:

  • Hiring (drafting of labour law contracts, advise on legal issues)
  • Individual aspects of labour law (disputes opposing employers, employees dismissals, disciplinary sanctions and breach of non-competition agreements)
  • Collective aspects of labour law company (representations of employees’ rights, compliance procedures, restructuring procedures, redundancy plans and negotiations)
  • International activities (international employment agreements and social protection)
  • Transactions and litigation, social security coverage


Family law

Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm has a varied family law practice. The attorneys handling family law matters have extensive experience in the various courts, which deals with family law issues throughout Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Klam & Partners Avocats attorneys understand the impact family law matters have on our clients’ lives. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate these difficult times through compassionate yet aggressive representation.

Our practice experience in this area includes:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Custody litigation
  • Pre-marital and post-marital agreements
  • Modification and enforcement of child support, access and possession
  • Paternity matters
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Our attorneys have represented dozens of clients in all aspects of family law.

insurance policy and legal gavel with pen

Insurance law

At Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm our Attorneys have significant experience handling complex litigation matters that arise under the insurance coverage available.
Klam & Partners Avocats Law Firm cases have involved a wide array of matters, including rendering coverage opinions, handling declaratory judgment and bad faith actions arising out of coverage disputes between insurers and policyholders, as well as handling allocation and subrogation issues between insurers. Our insurance attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of general, business, and tort litigation, insurance coverage issues, and the insurance industry in general.
No matter how simple or how complex the matter may be, Klam & Partners Avocats understands that the result is very important to our client, and we do our best to reach a result that will meet our client’s needs.

Our attorneys have successfully handled virtually every type of coverage issue including interpretation of insuring agreements and exclusions, an insurer’s duty to defend, duty to indemnify, duty to settle, duty to appeal, and duty to post bonds, and the policy holder’s duty to cooperate, duty to supplement disclosures on insurance applications, and duty to notify.
Our attorneys have handled these coverage issues in connection with a variety of insurance policies, including commercial general liability, commercial property, disability, employer’s liability, errors and omissions, homeowners, professional liability, workers’ compensation, umbrella, and excess policies.


Mining law

Our unique value :

  • Klam & Partners Avocats experts have been exposed to multiple practice areas, acting on the full range of corporate and commercial transactions, enabling us to quickly synthesize issues ans develop solutions for clients.
  • At Klam & Partners Avocats we have nurtured distinct expertise in the mining sector allowing us to built partnership with clients for whom we provide a wide variety of services attuned to their business objectives.

Our expertises :

The depth of Klam & Partners Avocats’s business and legal expertise, combined with our wideranging experience in mining projects within the DRCongo,has allowed us to become one of the leading legal advisors to the mining industry. Specifically, we can offer advice on :


  • Mergers and acquisitions, both public and private ;
  • General securities law, including compliance and governance ;
  • Due Diligence ;
  • Project Finance ;
  • Concession acquisitions and dispositions
  • Joint Ventures.

Klam & Partners Avocats expertise covers the entire spectrum of mining ventures, from precious and base metals and precious and semiprecious stones, to industrial minerals and coal.

Our Attorneys are strong advisors with excellent strategic judgement and skill to effectively counsel our Clients who include Congolese national and international mining companies.


Immigration and mobility 

Klam & Partners Avocats’s immigration team has an established reputation for providing clear and strategic immigration advice, which is taillored for each situation and client.

We do more than just process applications. We get personally involved all the way through the process to minimise any stresses that may occur when moving staff and families accross the continent.




Industrial Property law

We advise clients in all aspects of Trade Mark disputes, before civil, criminal Courts in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We also assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting of licence and assignment agreements involving every kind of Intellectual Property issues (trademarks, patents, copyright and rights related to copyright, designs and models, software, database). We assist and advise our clients in respect to the registration and management of Trade Marks, designs and models before the Congolese Ministry of Industry


Judicial litigation & Insolvency

Litigation, whether in commercial and company law, banking and financial law, criminal business law or labour law, is a long-standing specialisation of our firm. Our expertise in this field is well established and widely recognized. We have significant experience in complex litigations implying parallel procedures before multiple jurisdictions, and different sets of private international law rules.
Our ability to operate in four languages, combined with the admission of several of our solicitors in different European and American Bars, as well as our network in multiple countries, is key to an efficient and effective legal advise in this area of practice.


Tax law

We have an extensive experience in the field of tax control and tax litigation. We have a long-standing practice in Value Added Tax matters. We represent clients before tax authorities in administrative (DGA, DGI, etc) and judicial procedures. We also provide assistance to our clients with respect to the tax implications of inheritance, in particular in respect to real estate acquisitions or assignments and with special knowledge of the Congolese legislations.



KPA seeks to encourage and enhance our strengths by leveraging individuals backgrounds, talents, perspectives and skills to ensure that we fulfil our commitments to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in the legal profession. We encourage the recruitment of qualified female candidates regardless of their ethnicity and nationality.


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KPA will continuously improve the quality of service, legal expertise and responsiveness to ensure our clients receive the best possible legal service in our areas of expertise. Our priority is an understanding of business. With its dynamics to the international development, KLAM & Partners Advocates has established correspondent law relationships with law firms in Europe, UK, US and West Africa with which it works on a regular basis

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KPA will continuously improve the quality of service, legal expertise and responsiveness to ensure our clients receive the best possible legal service in our areas of expertise. Our priority is an understanding of business.

With its dynamics to the international development, KLAM & Partners Advocates has established correspondent law relationships with law firms in Europe, UK, US and West Africa with which it works on a regular basis